PARKS: The Board Game

Created by Keymaster Games

A game about exploring and discovering the US National Parks. Pre-order today!

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Vote for PARKS + Final 2 days to Back PARKS Expansion: Nightfall
about 20 hours ago – Sun, Feb 23, 2020 at 08:07:42 PM

tl;dr there are 2 days left to back the PARKS expansion and today is the last day to vote for PARKS

Hello Hikers!

It has officially been 1 year since the conclusion of the PARKS campaign. It feels both ages ago and just yesterday that you helped us bring the national parks to the table. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We wanted to take a minute to make you aware of two things.

2 days left to back PARKS Expansion: Nightfall + PARKS Memories

The second leg of the PARKS journey is currently live on Kickstarter. It includes the first expansion to PARKS plus a new trio of standalone matching games collectively called PARKS Memories. As owners of the first printing of PARKS, we wanted you to be aware that all backers of the new campaign will receive a few updates for their base games:

  • a extra set of forest and mountain tokens; &
  • 2 Park Cards (Great Basin and Arches -Delicate) with updated flavor text to correct dates, an artist, and a state.

Both of these are cosmetic fixes only. These updated components will also be available in the future at conferences for free or on our website for the cost of shipping.

If you prefer to buy from a local store, you can ask them to pre-order the games from us directly. If they do so before May, they can obtain the Kickstarter exclusives with their orders. You can check out the campaign here:

Final Day of Gaming Awards Voting - Tabletop Game of the Year

South by Southwest, a conference that brings together creatives from different industries, has nominated PARKS for Tabletop Game of the Year, but they need your vote! If you've loved PARKS, could you give us a vote? You don't need to vote in every category for your vote to count, just scroll down to the Tabletop section and pick your favorite game of 2019!

We appreciate you so much! 

- The Keymaster Team

PARKS Expansion: Nightfall is Live
20 days ago – Tue, Feb 04, 2020 at 08:12:23 PM

 Hello Hikers!

Our PARKS Expansion: Nightfall and PARKS Memories is live on Kickstarter right now! Follow the link below to support it now:

Back Nightfall Expansion

PARKS Expansion: Nightfall brings you new Park Cards featuring all new artwork from the Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series - including illustrations of the 17 national parks not included in the base game - a fresh set of Year Cards, and Camping, a hiking mechanic that will help you enjoy the parks after dark.

PARKS Memories is a brand new game from Kyle Key, inspired by the memories people share when they're playing PARKS. A twist on the classic memory game, this strategic matching game is a brain burn for sure. Three unique sets feature all unique artwork and player abilities, and together they celebrate all of the US national parks.

Find out more over on our Kickstarter page.

- The Keymaster Team

Dreams of Sugar Plums and Campfires Dance in Our Heads
2 months ago – Sat, Dec 21, 2019 at 01:10:12 AM

Hello Hikers

We love hearing about all the amazing experiences PARKS brings to the table. The videos, the pictures, the stories...all of it! As we reach the end of the year, fulfillment is wrapping up on PARKS. All games have either been delivered or shipped. If you still have not received your order, please reach out to


Playmats are back in stock! These playmats make a great additon to the tabletop experience with PARKS.  They can be purchased from our new Shopify site, and from Amazon,

National Park Service Donation

Thanks to you, we're so excited to be making our first annual donation to the National Park Service. This donation amount represents a portion of all non Kickstarter sales of PARKS, the PARKS playing cards, and direct contributions made by backers in Backerkit this year.

Donation amount: $7184

Love it! Rate it!

If you haven't had a chance yet, head over to BoardGameGeek and give this Outdoor Hike some stars. We're honored that PARKS has already cracked the top 1000 ranking over on the site, and it just keeps climbing. BGG is a great resource for gamers new and experienced when they are looking at cool new things like PARKS and that's thanks to contributors like you. 

Stay in Touch

We'll be out of the office next week for the holidays. And once we get back, we're sure you'll want to keep an eye to see what we've got cooking in 2020.

  • The Keymaster Team


Canadian Fulfillment Update
5 months ago – Wed, Oct 09, 2019 at 03:20:07 AM

Hello Hikers

This update will focus primarily on the fulfillment status of Canadian orders.

If you are in the US, Mexico, Europe, or Australia and don't have your package, please reach out to We will be able to work with them to locate your order from there.

For Asia orders, please see the last update for details. 


First, here is an updated timeline for fulfillment of packages to Canada:

  • Packages (pre-packed in the US) will leave Quatermaster Logistic's warehouse on 10/10
  • Games will travel to the Mississauga FedEx terminal, and from there, FedEx will process and ship to you via FedEx Ground
  • The trip to Mississauga is estimated to be 3-5 business days, so accounting for the holiday, all Canadian backers should see a tracking number by 10/21

As this timeline stands, we will miss Canada's Thanksgiving. We know many of you were excited to play the game over the holiday. We are very sorry.

After QML's recommendation to change the Canadian fulfillment strategy, we verbally communicated to our project manger on September 20th that we needed games to be delivered to backers no later than October 5th. That message never made it to the operations team that created the new Canadian process. The operations team ran into multiple issues that delayed the shipment. That delay wasn't communicated to us. Your Kickstarter comments alerted us to the problem and we have since been working with QML to ensure we understood the problems and the new fulfillment timeline.

But why are games available in retail?

We made the decision to push back the retail launch date from September 18th to October 2nd on August 16th. The last date to push back the launch from 10/2 until 10/16 was August 30th. At that point, the Canadian fulfillment issue was not on our radar and we felt confident, based on our discussions with fulfillment partners, that the retail launch wasn't going to be an issue. Unfortunately, we were wrong.

We are very sorry that Canadian fulfillment is so far behind. We are doubly sorry that PARKS is also available in retail before you've received your games. We will work to do better, but for now, please accept our apology.

  • The Keymaster Team


Touch base on Fulfillment Worldwide
5 months ago – Wed, Sep 25, 2019 at 03:28:59 AM

Hello Hikers

Here's a quick update on the status of PARKS's hike around the world based on the latest info we have from our fulfillment partners. Note - all timelines below are subject to each fulfillment partner

Canada - We locked in a plan with QML late last week and will be shipping directly from the US to Canadian. You should receive tracking numbers on 10/2. These shipments will still be customs friendly. For those interested, we are freighting the games from Florida to Canada. After clearing customs, they will be handing those packages off to FedEx. They will be delivering this via their normal parcel process. Note - If you listed a PO Box as your shipping address, QML will be contacting you to work out an alternate shipping address.

EU/UK - Our EU fulfillment partner, Meeple Logistics, hit some delays with fulfilling the project ahead of PARKS. They are now working through PARKS orders, including orders with playing cards. We have told them our expectation is to have all orders shipped by Tuesday October 1st.

AUS - Aetherworks has shipped out orders that did not include playing cards. They are scheduled to receive playing cards Tuesday and plan to start fulfilling the remaining orders of PARKS right away. We expect them to complete shipping by Monday the 30th.

Asia - VFI is scheduled to receive their playing card shipment on Thursday. They plan to start shipping out all remaining PARKS orders right away once they receive them. Mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan should see tracking numbers by 10/7. Our Asian countries will see their orders 14-45 days after the 7th. Backers can check the following Facebook accounts for their country's updates: Indonesia (Monopolis), Japan (Saikorodo), Philippines (Gaming Library), Singapore (Team Board Game), South Korea (BoardM), and Thailand (Battlefield).

ROTW - For backers in the rest of the world, all of these packages have shipped. If you have not received a tracking number for your package, please reach out to

US - The last batch of US orders went out today. Those were fulfilled by a separate company who we've found is slow to send tracking numbers, so you might get your game before your tracking number. Note, this company was only used for retail versions of the game. If your order included a Kickstarter version of the game and you have not received your package or a tracking number, please email

 Zion Postcard Print (Kickstarter Edition)

If you received the Zion postcard-sized print from Dan McCarthy in your Kickstarter Edition of PARKS, we goofed on his bio! We want to provide you with the correct info for Dan below. His website and Instagram handle are still correct, and we hope you'll follow his incredible talent there!

Dan McCarthy lives and works out of his home studio in East Falmouth, MA. He graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts with a concentration in printmaking and illustration. Dan has spent over 15 years creating beautiful art prints and gig posters.

For those that enjoyed the Raccoon in our previous update, here's another great video that you can share with your friends interested in the game, this time with a fox who decided to move to the burbs: 

 Join the Facebook Group

We’ve also created this Facebook Group, a way for folks to share their love of PARKS with pictures, and memes, especially with the fall hiking season upon us! You’ll be able to post rules questions there, get news updates about the game, and join the conversation. You can join that group here.

Rate PARKS on BoardGameGeek

As everyone is receiving their games and getting them to the table, please consider rating the game on BoardGameGeek! These ratings and reviews help a lots of people thinking about buying new games especially once the games have made it to the table. You can get there straight from here.

  • The Keymaster Team