PARKS: The Board Game

Created by Keymaster Games

A game about exploring and discovering the US National Parks. Pre-order today!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Storm Clouds on the Trail
2 days ago – Wed, Aug 21, 2019 at 12:42:40 AM

Hello Hikers

The Bad News: Fullfilment has been pushed back to the week of Sept 16th

  • We noted and have been tracking the incorrect ship with US bound games. Our original booking listed the CONTI CONQUEST as the vessel with the Kickstarter containers, but the book changed last minute to the CONTI ANNAPURNA. We know how fun it was tracking the ship. We’re so sorry we gave you the wrong ID.
  • The US ship carrying the PARKS Kickstarter editions is scheduled to arrive in port on Thursday, August 22nd. 
  • QML is now scheduled to start US fulfillment the week of September 16th. 
  • International backers will be impacted as there is some inventory that was on the US Kickstarter ship that will need to be shipped to our international hubs before they begin fulfillment. We will follow up with all fulfillment timelines when we have more information from the rest of these hubs. Our hope is they can fulfill what they have and do a second wave once the additional add-ons arrive.

The Good News: we pushed back the retail launch to October

  •  We pushed back the retail launch date for PARKS to October. This will ensure we are well underway with fulfillment before they are available in retail.

Thank you to everyone for your continued excitement and enthusiasm to get this game! This news is a bummer for us too, and we'll continue to find ways to speed up fulfillment and clean up communication wherever possible.

The Keymaster Team


Boats Arriving in Port! What's Next?
13 days ago – Sat, Aug 10, 2019 at 01:57:44 AM

Hello Hikers,

Good News! PARKS is almost here. The last ship containing PARKS games is scheduled to arrive in port tomorrow. We’re on schedule for the majority of our fulfillment partners to start shipping out your games by the end of the month.

Tell Us More About the Trail Ahead

Once games arrive in port, they have to go through customs, just like when any of us travels to another country. This takes about a week unless the games get pulled for detailed inspection. Next, the games get sent to the fulfillment center. Once at the fulfillment center, each warehouse must stage and test ship to make sure the way they pack protects your games. Finally, and most importantly, we need to wait for our turn as other games are being fulfilled this month as well!

All told, we have 12,000 games journeying to 62 countries, via 6 different fulfillment partners. We’re waiting on concrete details from all these companies about their specific timelines. Once we have all those details, we will post another update.

Addresses are locking in 48 hours -   you can double check by retrieving your survey at this link:

In the meantime, if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out via Kickstarter Messages or email.

  • The Keymaster Team


PARKS on a Boat
about 1 month ago – Sat, Jul 13, 2019 at 02:03:51 AM

Hello Hikers

PARKS left China this week! Below are the boat details for those that want to track the games' movement from port to port.

US-bound vessel: CONTI CONQUEST 001E

EU-bound vessel: MSC BERYL 927W

AUS-bound vessel: XIN QING DAO

As long as there are no delays on the seas or at these ports, the games should arrive at all fulfillment centers by the middle of August and should begin shipping out to backers by month end. There are a lot of things that can change this like customs, delays on the ocean, an entire continent taking August off (I am looking at you, Europe), and other Kickstarter games arriving at our fulfillment partners before PARKS.

Addresses Locking July 30

All that said, we know a lot of backers move in the late summer months or , so we're going to extend the address lockdown date to the end of July. This should give folks a little extra time to give the most accurate address they can. If you're moving soon or just recently moved, please be sure to go into your Backerkit Survey and update your shipping address. If you need help for any reason, you can reach out to us via Kickstarter Messages or email (


Keymaster's next stop is GenCon. We're always excited to meet and chat with folks so if you're attending the convention, you can find us at Booth 2219. Henry Audubon, the designer of PARKS and Space Park, will be spending some time with us during the convention if you'd like to meet him, as well as Josh Emrich, artist behind Campy Creatures.

We're also excited to co-host a Tap Take-Over with Bottle Logic Brewing at Tappers Arcade Bar. We'll be there Friday, August 2nd. You can find event details here.

Henry Audubon was recently interviewed by Love Thy Nerd's Human's of Gaming Podcast. Here's the link to that too if you want to give it a listen.

And lastly (for now), here are some pictures of one of the advanced copies of the game! This copy is not a KS copy, so you won't see the sleeve or the postcard included.

- The Keymaster Team


Packing Things Up at Panda
2 months ago – Fri, Jun 14, 2019 at 12:24:53 AM

Hello Hikers

Since our last update, there's been a lot of progress with PARKS. Panda has been hard at work and PARKS manufacturing is wrapping up. That means the games are almost all packaged and they're about to get on the boats that will take them to their fulfillment destinations! Here's what the next steps look like for your games:

  • Your games get packed into boxes and containers
  • They are loaded onto boats in China and will ship out to fulfillment ports, usually taking between 4-6 weeks to reach theses ports
  • From port, they ship to fulfillment and then fulfillment readies and ships out the products to you!

So we're right on track for fulfillment of PARKS to happen in August. And if you're picking up your game at GenCon, those are all set to arrive safely as well.

Locking Addresses

Once the games get on the boats and to sail to their ports, you can expect us to lock addresses in the pledge manager. Locking addresses helps us ensure that we are giving accurate information to the fulfillment centers to prevent delays in any games arriving. If you need to update your listed address in Backerkit you should look at doing so soon. You can access and edit your shipping address by logging back into You can also access it through the confirmation email provided by Backerkit with your completed order. If you need any help, please send us a message via Kickstarter Messages.

We will lock addresses on: July 15th

Final Rulebook

Here's a PDF of the final rulebook! Towards the end, you'll find a complete list of artists, whose artwork is used in the game. We highly recommend checking out their other work, as all of these artists have done incredible projects. Their work brings joy to our social media feeds every day! We’ve linked a copy of it here:


Origins Game Fair

Matt and Mattox will be showing off Mass-Production Copies (MPCs) PARKS at Origins this weekend. If you're at Origins, you can game it up with them Thursday-Saturday 4:30-6pm in the Open Gaming Room. If you're not at the convention this weekend you can catch PARKS hitting the table via social media. Follow @KeymasterGames on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

- The Keymaster Team


Locking Orders Today
4 months ago – Thu, May 02, 2019 at 03:08:40 AM

Hello Hikers

Happy May Day! Just sending out a really quick note to remind everyone that we are locking orders in Backerkit TODAY.

If you're still thinking about that playmat or an extra copy of PARKS, today is your last chance!

You should see a charge from 'Stripe' to the card you input into Backerkit for shipping and extra items you added in the pledge manager. If there are any issues with card errors, Backerkit will send you a follow up email, so be sure to open any emails from BackerKit.

Shipping Addresses

You might be moving this summer? You will still be able to edit your address should any changes arise between now and the game heading to fulfillment. There will be a separate message sent about addresses getting locked down later in the summer.

In the mean time, enjoy those May flowers!

- The Keymaster Team